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Google Shopping: Was the EU Right?
29th June, 2017

Occasionally stories crop up in main stream media that need a bit more explanation and understanding, was the EU decision on Google shopping right. What Happened It’s not always easy to understand, but in principal Google was fined for putting it’s Price Comparison service above other Price Comparison services.  We’ve all seen these website that […]

Google’s Rough Future
21st January, 2015

To all my clients be aware – this blog is aimed directly to you more than anyone else, so here’s some plain English tit bits for you. Google may be on the wane – for the first time ever it lost market share in the USA where it’s always been in the 70%ish region.  Bing […]

Did you even know Google actually update the way their Search Engine works? It’s a bit like upgrading your computer or just about anything else these days. So yes Google have announces a massive change in the way they rate websites, in their constant quest that the right website shows up depending on what you […]

iGoogle Replacements
1st November, 2013

You may have been following our advice to use Google’s iGoogle service to be your Homepage when you first open up your browser. As of today, sadly, Google have closed down this service and sent it to what is know as the Google Graveyard. iGoogle was great because it gave you immediate access to a […]

SEO for 2013 – From Rankings to Revenue
17th December, 2012

Our SEO services here at NCompass have picked up remarkably over the last year… if I were to say that about 30% of our revenue was for SEO I would not be far off (though I haven’t actually worked it out). But big changes are due very very soon.  It all follows Google Adwords and […]

Content is King and it’s not about to change
1st October, 2012

It’s quite staggering how things change on the web, or rather how things change in Website design from one trend to the next. I remember about 5 or 6 years ago hearing about Mobile, it was to be the next big thing and we all had to prepare for it, then other trends have stood […]

We are getting this right – aren’t we?
13th July, 2012

One shouldn’t expound on ones luck too much, it may turn against you, but we did want to point out a few things that we do seem to be getting right at the moment and those things are always nice to share. There’s a ton of news these days about politicians expenses, journalistic hacking and more […]

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