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2016 Price Rises
30th December, 2015

That time of year has come again to look at our web hosting prices, but actually looking back it has been over 18 months since we last upped our prices, so we do feel that we are somewhat justified.  We expanding, we doing more and we getting more done than ever before, so while it […]


We write this blog primarily for our clients, that’s not to say these topics are exclusive to our clients, on the contrary they are true for everyone and anyone.  But generally we try to stick to topics that effect small to medium sized business owners looking to make the most of the Internet. However this […]

Website Hosting News: Server Upgrades
17th July, 2012

Good news – we’re reaching the end of a lengthy and full upgrade of all Hardware equipment at our Hosting Suppliers. This started with 6 new mail servers in December to replace 2 older ones, thereby making email far more resilient. In the last two months all web hardware servers have been upgraded to latest […]

Free Hosting for 6 months
19th December, 2011

Recommend a Friend and we’ll give you 6 months free website hosting.  This Christmas we’ve a great offer for you worth up to £474.00 on our top package. All you need to do is recommend a friend and as soon as they sign up to NCompass Hosting we’ll give you and them 6 months free […]

A proper Back Up Solution for Websites
16th December, 2011

If you are still not following my Blog then please start now, just add your email address in the right hand column. Now, it’s Christmas Time again, something like 25% of all eCommerce is taking place in these 3 fraught weeks and the impact across the Internet is under severe duress.  When you read that […]

New Servers – New Services
16th November, 2011

You’ll have noticed that Google are updating virtually everything, from their search engine results through to this very Blog that I am writing on.  Soon to be announced will be the end of Blogger and Picasa as these trade names may well be ‘retired’ – don’t worry not that much will change, you’ll still be […]