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How to, What is, Why did and Near me – Mobile SEO
21st January, 2016

I’m going to ask my Brother Charles to significantly re-write this post – but here is the first draft of our look at Mobile SEO. We know that Mobile accounts for more than 50% of all Internet use today, PC sales have collapsed as more and more people rely on their Smartphones to access what […]

Business Showcase
Page Load Speed is everything
19th October, 2015

So, I’m in Brazil and now I see why Google has put such eminence emphasis on Page Load Speed, here in the mountains of the Atlantic Jungle, not really all that far from Rio de Janeiro we’re completely dependent on a 4G mobile network for internet access. Some websites work – www.airbnb.com took 40 seconds […]

The End Of Mobile
22nd February, 2013

One of the main purposes of this Blog is to keep you updated with the latest trends and ideas that are flowing around the Internet with a clear mind in regard to your own website and what you need to do to adapt your company needs to the online world. We’ve gone from Desktop to […]

The Demise of a Web Business
1st October, 2010

I’d like to start by expressing sadness at the demise of an excellent service, useful, relevant, innovative and provocative, Xmarks was a simple service that allowed you to synchronise bookmarks & passwords across your computers and browsers.  It was the only product of its kind. You can read about what went wrong and you can […]