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Are you ready for Bing Ads
24th March, 2017

Just what has happened to Bing Ads, these were the originals… before there ever was a Google Adwords, there was a little known company called Overture… you’ll probably find references to Overture in this blog, I’ve been doing this a while.  But these guys are brought by first Yahoo and when that predictably failed they […]

Adwords Quality Score
19th June, 2016

I don’t normally get to technical about what we do, not from a lack of willingness, but in order to keep interest and understanding to the maximum level I can within the boundaries of computers and the Internet. Maybe not always the most interesting subject for our clients as they focus on their businesses and […]

Google Adwords Revisited
1st February, 2012

I am going to write this even though I’m on shaky ground with the flurry of changes Google brings us this winter. I have compiled data on clients performance on Google Adwords over the last 4 years and two things I have known are happening have been proven: 1) The cost of Google Adwords is going […]

Business Showcase
Yahoo vs Google Adwords
15th August, 2007

I have been trying to use the Yahoo Panama System for a few months now… As a UK customers, I am sadden and skocked by some of the functionality that has or has not been included. Main targets at this moment are: Geo Targetting, what is the point of this if I still have to […]

Yahoo Search Marketing Problems
27th July, 2007

OK we prepared for a roller coaster ride on this one, sorry, but this is a big whinge! Background: I have been managing Pay-per-Click Accounts for nearly 5 years now, Google with their massive market share (70% UK and 60% US) have always provided an excellent service for pay-per-click through Google Adwords, further rewarded through […]