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New Service – Social Media Reporting
10th February, 2013

A quick entry – due to demand from a number of customers we starting to provide dedicated and comprehensive reporting on Social Media – at this moment this comprises of just Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Analytics (incorporated). This is an independent reporting solution to go with any other service you already have, and is relevant whether […]

SEO for 2013 – From Rankings to Revenue
17th December, 2012

Our SEO services here at NCompass have picked up remarkably over the last year… if I were to say that about 30% of our revenue was for SEO I would not be far off (though I haven’t actually worked it out). But big changes are due very very soon.  It all follows Google Adwords and […]

SEO Reports for Free – Limited Offer
30th January, 2012

I don’t normally plug my services on this Blog – but we’re doing such a good job on SEO for clients at the moment that I thought I’d rattle this out. Basically, for whatever reason I can rattle out two comprehensive and separate full SEO reports for any website you like.  These reports will give […]

Marketing Reports Update
15th July, 2011

Just a short client update this one, we recently introduced a new reporting system for clients who advertise with us, the feedback was very encouraging. But that was it… so far. We do need your input and the value of our service and your reporting is down to you the client taking these reports and […]

Campaign Planning
16th June, 2011

The web is becoming more sophisticated – did you notice?  When you see an advert these days you’ll see the same advert on TV, in the newspaper, magazine, website and these days you’ll probably get it in your Inbox, on Facebook, Google and Linked in and it will either force you to buy something or […]