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Results Based SEO – Subscribe here!
20th December, 2016

Who do you know that offers a results based SEO solution… it’s madness, highly risky and yet for a Website Owner it should be completely essential… with the right formula and the right SEO fit your website should be growing month in month out, year in year out.  Why then are so many SEO consultants […]

What’s next for Search Engine Optimisation?
17th July, 2016

Now that’s a question! I am often asked about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the other day I even had to give an internal company talk on it to one of our clients.  But it really got me thinking what is next for SEO? The three rules are: Fresh Content – you need to keep adding […]

Why are SEO Times so Difficult?
20th June, 2007

A good question and not one that should be ignored… This was posed to me by www.craster.com, a client of mine, after sending him a marketing report on his website performance. I have been doing Pay-per-click and trying to find a decent SEO company that we could approach about getting up the ‘free’ listings, but […]