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It’s all about Conversion Rates
12th November, 2014

A couple walk into a Restaurant, sit down and order… how many people walk into a Restaurant, sit down and leave – probably less than 5% – Right? Someone walks into shop, they’re after something, could be something useful (most people buy what they need), could be spur-of-the-moment if the products good enough they’ll buy […]

HTTPS Everywhere – What is it?
10th August, 2014

In a nutshell HTTPS is a secure way for you to browse the Internet. You’ll have recognised that most URL’s start with HTTP:// in front of the usual www, but with the extra ‘S’ in there it makes your website secure. In the past using HTTP means that it is relatively easy for criminals, crooks, […]

Did you even know Google actually update the way their Search Engine works? It’s a bit like upgrading your computer or just about anything else these days. So yes Google have announces a massive change in the way they rate websites, in their constant quest that the right website shows up depending on what you […]

What’s a Sitemap?
16th December, 2013

It’s not to difficult a question, but a Sitemap is a document that can be submitted to search engines like Google and Bing, effectively informing them of every single page on your website. However these Sitemaps are not automatically added to your website – they have to be created, either dynamically or manually.  To see […]

This is a Guest Blog from Charles Hoogewerf – who does SEO work for us here at NCompass and is currently working for http://www.creationmediauk.com/#! in Bristol. I thought that you might find this interesting as I have been doing a lot of reading recently regarding Link Building and I have found that the general view […]


We write this blog primarily for our clients, that’s not to say these topics are exclusive to our clients, on the contrary they are true for everyone and anyone.  But generally we try to stick to topics that effect small to medium sized business owners looking to make the most of the Internet. However this […]

You’ll always be better than me!
22nd April, 2013

I have to write these Posts as I think of them, so it’s down tools for 10 minutes while I bash this out. We work hard for our clients, we really do, we advise, strategise, implement, reflect, analyses, develop and push.  But then suddenly a client gets a Boost – what caused it… certainly nothing we did – […]