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Is anyone using your Facebook Page?
23rd September, 2018

So I recently wanted to investigate if anyone was using my Facebook Page. I signed up for a service called SumAll which promised to summarise all my Social Media accounts and in doing so I noted it also summed up all the Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and Adwords Campaigns all in one big long email sent […]

Shall we talk Facebook Privacy?
17th April, 2018

No boring – how to switch it all off – for me – how to lock down your Facebook Privacy setting, or even comment on Mark Zuckerberg, that’s old hat and you can go find that stuff out yourself.  Just Google it. No, I’m thinking about the ubiquitous Facebook and other Social Media icons that […]

Social Media Round Up
9th October, 2014

I’ve been on Facebook since 2006 (8 years) and Twitter since March 2007 (7 years) – Wowzers it’s been a long time. I’m also pointing out that 93% of America Marketeers are planing to significantly increase their social media spending for Christmas 2014, I forget where I read these things probably Twitter, but regardless of […]

Have you missed the Facebook Boat?
11th July, 2014

I get a weekly report from Facebook about all the pages on Facebook that I manage, if you’re not sure what Facebook Pages are – they are the ‘company’ side of Facebook where you can follow the brands, artists, shops, topics, companies, organisations, charities or anything else… instead of befriending someone you can just ‘like’ […]

Has LinkedIn lost it’s way?
23rd March, 2014

I need a Blog Post… have you wondered about how to remember and idea, well writing a quick blog posts seems like a good idea. LinkedIn – we’ve worked out Facebook Pages and they are crucial, Twitter just bangs out updates, but its real strength probably lies in customer service.  Google Plus is essential for […]

Twitter: Follow Me – BIG Please!
14th March, 2013

It’s a strange concept – the rule is simple follow twitter users that interest you.  That way you can read the Tweets and information you want in a concise format and it can be a genuinely meaningful experience. However, that all breaks down as soon as you want to start peddling something – what a […]

New Service – Social Media Reporting
10th February, 2013

A quick entry – due to demand from a number of customers we starting to provide dedicated and comprehensive reporting on Social Media – at this moment this comprises of just Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Analytics (incorporated). This is an independent reporting solution to go with any other service you already have, and is relevant whether […]

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