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Windows 10 – Dragging Humanity Along With It
1st August, 2015

There’s going to a million articles soon about Windows 10 and how bad or good it is, what we can do and what we can’t, I was one of the lucky first 14 million people to get it and it’s fine, rest assured upgrading won’t be the end of the world and fundamentally my advice […]

Should you pay for anything on the ‘Net?
12th February, 2011

A thought – huh! The obvious answer is Yes – if it is worth it, but look a little deeper and the question starts to dissolve into a far more complex concept and into a direction that is far less transparent that it first appears. You’re a small business – everyone’s saying go on-line, get […]

Skype for Business
29th November, 2007

Skype is a fantastic tool for any business these days… However you need to be aware of the following: Skype for business is not the cheapest – there are others, but on Balance the extra cost does not matter as so many people use Skype it makes it much more worth while Skype is fundamentally […]