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The Mobile Web
15th January, 2009

Welcome to 2009, I think that it is fair to say that the Mobile Web is pretty much upon us. So how does this affect you? I suspect that the question should be how will this effect you, the answer is in a major way. There seems to be three types of Mobile Web out […]

It’s only the Web that is going to save you
13th October, 2008

I am coming around this the certainty, the recent plunges in worldwide markets and financial industries goes on and on. But there is a saviour waiting on the sidelines. Responsible for it’s own dotcom boom and bust the technology industries are largely bypassing this current downturn, this is not entirely true of course, but technology […]

Business Showcase
Corporate Blogs
15th April, 2008

The role of Corporate Blogs is the subject I want to look at this month. None of us can underestimate the importance of this facility for clients. Here is what this is about: Corporate Blogs are going to replace traditional Press Releases pages on websites, Google love websites that are updated… regularly, but in a […]

The DotCom Bubble 2
18th February, 2008

I think the time is coming to wonder if we are in a .DotCom Bubble, everything is looking dicey financially, yet Microsoft want to buy Yahoo for £44bn. Facebook is as popular as ever, E-Bay, Skype, Amazon and other websites are still making waves. So what is going on. The truth is twofold, the importance […]

Christmas Shopping Online – for myself
14th December, 2007

Gift-wrapping, delivery options, world wide present giving, it is all so easy nowadays with the e-commerce websites falling over themselves to please us. Yet they still get it all so wrong. 90% of e-commerce websites are designed to sell to you and you alone, the other 10% are designed so that you can send others […]

Bear Grylls – Mission Successful
22nd May, 2007

First my congratulations go out to Bear and Gilo for making the attempt and succeeding to fly over Mount Everest, a truly magnificent achievement and I have to say since this event interest in the Bear Grylls website has gone through the roof. The Blog was put into place at just the right time. Channel […]

High Society, Blogs & Facebook
19th March, 2007

I cannot resist writing a little about what I am doing for High Society, it only takes a minute to do, but I am keen to eck out as much leverage as possible from all this. High Society provide staff for any kind of event from corporate launch to private wedding, they provide the waiters […]