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Lessons from America
15th January, 2016

Have I been wrong?  All this time? In the UK I strive to provide value for customers… the Internet has grown up around the concept that everything is Free or Cheap, easy to set up a child could do it, they do it.  You can build a Google out of a Garage, opportunities abound… but […]

2016 Price Rises
30th December, 2015

That time of year has come again to look at our web hosting prices, but actually looking back it has been over 18 months since we last upped our prices, so we do feel that we are somewhat justified.  We expanding, we doing more and we getting more done than ever before, so while it […]

Business Showcase
Page Load Speed is everything
19th October, 2015

So, I’m in Brazil and now I see why Google has put such eminence emphasis on Page Load Speed, here in the mountains of the Atlantic Jungle, not really all that far from Rio de Janeiro we’re completely dependent on a 4G mobile network for internet access. Some websites work – www.airbnb.com took 40 seconds […]

What’s a Sitemap?
16th December, 2013

It’s not to difficult a question, but a Sitemap is a document that can be submitted to search engines like Google and Bing, effectively informing them of every single page on your website. However these Sitemaps are not automatically added to your website – they have to be created, either dynamically or manually.  To see […]


We write this blog primarily for our clients, that’s not to say these topics are exclusive to our clients, on the contrary they are true for everyone and anyone.  But generally we try to stick to topics that effect small to medium sized business owners looking to make the most of the Internet. However this […]

Visual Website Design
14th May, 2012

Design is everything and this article is geared towards my clients and my regular tip of the month series of articles. You may have noticed with the abundance of iPhones, iPads and visual effects on websites more than ever the emphasis on the design, look and feel of your website is becoming increasingly important. We’ve […]

Designing for Mobile
20th April, 2012

My company motto is “putting business on the ‘net” and I think it is important that I start this article with that in mind. My motto is not – cutting edge technology now – not is it – latest gadgets for the future – I believe that for my clients it is better to use […]