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Your Telephone Number
8th December, 2011

I’m worried – on a recent UK trip I only took my phone with me, I used it to look up everything I needed, from train times to clients telephone numbers.  I looked up plenty of websites on my mobile. I was staggered at how many websites incorrectly displayed their telephone number.  My phone as […]

Setting up Websites on Localhost with IIS7
7th May, 2011

I struggled today to find the ‘best’ way to set up testing websites in IIS7.  Here’s what I ended up doing. Sort your workspace – these steps were based on my set up with a new Windows 7 machine, Dreamweaver CS5 and IIS7.  I also installed a handy piece of software called Hostsman, which will […]

What can you do with a Big Budget Website
16th March, 2010

I thought this month I’d try and enlighten you with some ideas if you had the money. The Internet has grown so substantially that spending some serious money on a big budget Website is not unrealistic; it can also be extremely beneficial. The key however is in the planning and in the knowing what you […]

Business Showcase
Encouragement – some website stats
19th November, 2009

I thought I’d keep this month’s topic really simple. I often feel I batter my clients into my way of thinking. And often I feel the more I batter you the more you resist. So here are some website stats for your consideration. Roughly half our regular clients now have Blogs and are using them So […]

The DotCom Bubble 2
18th February, 2008

I think the time is coming to wonder if we are in a .DotCom Bubble, everything is looking dicey financially, yet Microsoft want to buy Yahoo for £44bn. Facebook is as popular as ever, E-Bay, Skype, Amazon and other websites are still making waves. So what is going on. The truth is twofold, the importance […]

CSS Centre Boxes
21st March, 2007

Yes I do it as well… Good old CSS, I love it and hate it at the same time… I have been making about 1 new website every three weeks recently and while that is fine. I have been trying to get a CSS centre boxes to work successfully and today I did. To the […]

High Society, Blogs & Facebook
19th March, 2007

I cannot resist writing a little about what I am doing for High Society, it only takes a minute to do, but I am keen to eck out as much leverage as possible from all this. High Society provide staff for any kind of event from corporate launch to private wedding, they provide the waiters […]