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How we put a dynamic websites together
23rd May, 2017

In this age of dynamic websites and constantly changing websites we thought we’d give the briefest overview of how we actually put a website together. In days go by – we’d mock up some screenshots in Photoshop and show them to a client, usually a Homepage, Product Page and if the client was lucky an […]

The Future of Website Design
25th April, 2017

I’m making this up as I go along… it’s a good start to the future because that is precisely what we are all collectively doing.  We adopt trends and work off the best examples of our recent past, but essentially we making it up and constantly progressing as we go along. So what future traits […]

Web Design – What a Mess!
24th May, 2016

I’m confused and stressed, website are becoming more complicated by the day and where is it all going anyway?  Web Design – it’s a mess at the moment, I have two main dividing forces in me for the future, but what’s your take? what are your thoughts? I love technology, but I see computers and in particular […]

Business Showcase
Page Load Speed is everything
19th October, 2015

So, I’m in Brazil and now I see why Google has put such eminence emphasis on Page Load Speed, here in the mountains of the Atlantic Jungle, not really all that far from Rio de Janeiro we’re completely dependent on a 4G mobile network for internet access. Some websites work – www.airbnb.com took 40 seconds […]

Business Showcase
Working on your Website Speed and Loading Time
30th May, 2015

We’ve recently done some major work on a number of clients on their website speed and loading time – so what is the game plan here and why bother. In days gone by the idea was to reduce the things you had on your pages to keep files small and downloadable, as certain ‘netiquette’ read that it was […]

Your Telephone Number
8th December, 2011

I’m worried – on a recent UK trip I only took my phone with me, I used it to look up everything I needed, from train times to clients telephone numbers.  I looked up plenty of websites on my mobile. I was staggered at how many websites incorrectly displayed their telephone number.  My phone as […]