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How we put a dynamic websites together
23rd May, 2017

In this age of dynamic websites and constantly changing websites we thought we’d give the briefest overview of how we actually put a website together. In days go by – we’d mock up some screenshots in Photoshop and show them to a client, usually a Homepage, Product Page and if the client was lucky an […]

The Future of Website Design
25th April, 2017

I’m making this up as I go along… it’s a good start to the future because that is precisely what we are all collectively doing.  We adopt trends and work off the best examples of our recent past, but essentially we making it up and constantly progressing as we go along. So what future traits […]

Fake News – Explained
19th January, 2017

Fake News – it’s in the press and so I’m going to write about… but what do I know! What is Fake News? The idea is simple – we’re all empowered to create news, just by writing anything we feel like on the Internet, it might be a Blog, a website, or just plain old […]

5 Tips for Novice Freelance Designers
4th May, 2016

The freelancing market is rapidly growing, and more and more freelance designers prefer to work remotely. In this article, we’ll show you how to start freelancing, build your brand, and protect yourself from unscrupulous customers. Many people believe being a freelancer is something very easy and relaxing, not requiring a lot of efforts. Yes, on […]

2016 Price Rises
30th December, 2015

That time of year has come again to look at our web hosting prices, but actually looking back it has been over 18 months since we last upped our prices, so we do feel that we are somewhat justified.  We expanding, we doing more and we getting more done than ever before, so while it […]

Windows 10 – Dragging Humanity Along With It
1st August, 2015

There’s going to a million articles soon about Windows 10 and how bad or good it is, what we can do and what we can’t, I was one of the lucky first 14 million people to get it and it’s fine, rest assured upgrading won’t be the end of the world and fundamentally my advice […]

The Big Players – Internet Wars
16th November, 2010

This month I thought I’d give you an outline of who the big players are at the moment competing in the internet wars, the battle lines have been drawn and to a large extent are being redrawn all the time, but here’s an outline for you: Microsoft – they still retain by far the largest […]

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