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5 Tips for Novice Freelance Designers
4th May, 2016

The freelancing market is rapidly growing, and more and more freelance designers prefer to work remotely. In this article, we’ll show you how to start freelancing, build your brand, and protect yourself from unscrupulous customers. Many people believe being a freelancer is something very easy and relaxing, not requiring a lot of efforts. Yes, on […]

China – We can do it!
22nd February, 2016

China is a very different proposition for UK based Websites and Businesses, less we not forget that we are a UK web design consultancy dealing with the needs of UK and International businesses and that this Blog is itself designed for our clients and for raising questions about what our clients should be doing for […]

The art of updating websites
19th September, 2009

Okay this month I need to make something clear – I get numerous requests to allow people to update their own website, text, photos and so on. I charge my fees and then make this all possible. However all too frequently I am finding that clients aren’t using the tools I give for them updating […]

Business Showcase
State of Play – Website Analysis
16th July, 2009

Every month I try to concentrate on something slightly different, this month is analysing your current website status. This is not easy as I am often (not always) your website designer and therefore that makes looking at your website analysis critically quite hard for me. But here are some questions about your website, please feel […]