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A coders life – where time losses meaning
17th April, 2017

I can’t really give you the Statistics can I, but the threat is that a huge number of jobs around the world in virtually all industries will disappear as Robots take over our menial tasks and make more and more of what we eat and consume.  2 million – 10 million – how many of […]

Setting up Google Analytics – Definitive
13th April, 2015

OK – we’ve been marketing websites for a while now and I though since we’ve just revamped all the Google Analytics Accounts we manage for clients I thought I’d put this out there.  I’ll try and not be lazy and include images. Introduction Google’s come a long way, but it’s very important to understand that […]

Web Consultancy – it’s quite wrong you know
23rd March, 2015

So we have clients doing an unbelievable number of different things on the Internet, the more I think about our strap line the more I think how complete apt it is for [email protected] – Putting Business on the ‘Net.  Talk about the Internet of things. In my last post I wrote about our expanding services […]

Expansion Plans Afoot
26th February, 2015

We’re excited and getting more excited every day, the work continues to flow our way and we have you our clients to thank for that.  There’s a lot to do and the beginning of 2015 has seen us in a flying start to the New Year.  I suspect the only reason it still feels like […]

2015 – 5 Predictions of what we’re in for!
16th January, 2015

Happy New Year to all those we haven’t yet wished it on, I hope 2015 will be as good and fruitful as ever.  Here’s a quick if not belated round of up some of the things we might expect in the Website world. Social Media – for the last few year with the rise of […]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
19th December, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year So – my plan for Christmas an ALL NEW NCompass Website – leave a comment to show your support for this idea. In reality – it’s been an amazing run up to Christmas, we’ve worked hard, done more and been more organised than ever before.  And I think […]

It’s all about Conversion Rates
12th November, 2014

A couple walk into a Restaurant, sit down and order… how many people walk into a Restaurant, sit down and leave – probably less than 5% – Right? Someone walks into shop, they’re after something, could be something useful (most people buy what they need), could be spur-of-the-moment if the products good enough they’ll buy […]

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