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Simply put – we’ve grown into our own slogan – Putting business onto the ‘Net – for 22 years we’ve been building websites and as the Internet has grown into the true Goliath is it, so we have been assisting friends, family, small and big businesses to make their presence felt for all personal, charitable and business needs – it’s been a grand adventure.

As a team – we’re growing and highly open-minded, with contributors based all over the country. Sure, we have an office, but we’re firm believers in a New Economy and the ability for companies to think wider than their current environments. Working collaboratively via email, social media and other new communications tools we’re able to offer a completely rounded service whatever your needs!

Who we are

No customer names here, no references to glory days or achievements, just an understanding that we’re very much still around after 22 years in the business of designing, managing and marketing websites for our clients. If you want to know us better – read the blog, or indeed subscribe to our infrequent newsletter.

I’m Guy Hoogewerf, author of most of this website, with experience in half a dozen different programming languages as well as graphic design, laurels if any are rested upon the generous comments of our clients.  My one weakness – Spelling – please point out typos to me, I will always fix them free of charge.

There’s more of us, Diego, Chris, Charles, Robert, Poppy and Jim and a team of others that we work with as needed, the Team make the company and we look forward to expanding over the next few years.

Our Ethos

We firmly believe that the world can be a better place through technology and the ability of the Internet to disrupt current marketplaces.  We don’t like to see unemployment through post-industrial changes, yet we oppose all forms of over-charging and abuse from institutional market leaders that refuse to adapt to a better world.