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Password Management Ideas
23rd May, 2022

Will they or won’t they – recently there has been some speculation about doing away with passwords completely, wouldn’t that be nice! Here’s a list of websites that have articles on this: https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/the-worlds-biggest-tech-companies-want-to-kill-passwords-on-password-day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faU_d7DqoiY https://www.tweaktown.com/news/86033/apple-google-and-microsoft-are-seeking-to-ditch-passwords/index.html Killing off passwords will eventually come, as things like Biometrics become better. In fact, right now we could say we’re […]

Google Legacy G-Suite Accounts
20th April, 2022

Be warned if you delete your Google Legacy Gmail/G-Suite/Workspace account – everything is deleted, your entire Google Account will disappear, including access to Google Ads, Analytics, Search Console, Google Maps, Google Photos, basically everything you have ever signed up for via your Google Account. This means also if you have ever signed up for any […]

Web Suppliers – From Ukraine and Russia
22nd March, 2022

I had to hesitate before writing this title, but actually, there is little point in trying to mollify or lessen the impact. Obviously, Ukraine and Russia are in the news and pointedly Russia is behaving atrociously. That aside, just for a moment, and we should take a little Stock here. We in the West are […]

Technology Designs for One – Web3
15th February, 2022

Web3 is on its way, I don’t want to go into the definitions or logic behind it, but I do want to pass comment on the direction things are heading because it is complicated. Essentially, if we are not careful, we will only design technology for one person at a time. It seems obvious, but […]

Inflation Busted – I think a Warning
26th January, 2022

I think I just read that Ready Meals have remained approximately £7.50 for the last ten years. But if Ready Meals had gone up at the same rate as ordinary rice they would cost £26 today. The key to this statement is that the poorest pick up the largest chunk of the bill. This happens […]

More ways to Sell Online
11th January, 2022

We have to change, as the year draws to a close and the New 2022 starts, it’s time for a total reevaluation of how business is conducted online. We need more ways to sell online. I’ve just spent 3 months in the Caribbean where I didn’t meet a single ‘local’ that needed a website. Where […]

Discount Culture – Live We
9th December, 2021

I am not sure when it happened, but our Discount Culture is becoming more prevalent with every Christmas that passes. No joking… people seem more and more to only buy when things are at a Discount and then they don’t claim it. Yes – I wrote that – now let me back it up. Black […]

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