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Putting Business on the 'Net!
Our latest musing and thoughts on the state of the web today.


Simple put – we’ve grown into our own slogan – Putting business onto the ‘Net – for 18 years we’ve been building websites and as the Internet has grown into the true Goliath is it, so we have been assisting friends, family, small and big businesses to make their presence felt for all personal, charitable and business needs – it’s been a grand adventure.

As a team – we’re growing and highly open-minded, with contributors based all over the country. Sure, we have an office, but we’re firm believers in a New Economy and the ability for companies to think wider than their current environments. Working collaboratively via email, social media and other new communications tools we’re able to offer a completely rounded service whatever your needs!

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Domain Registration

We can register any domain name and provide management services thereafter, we also negotiate with sellers of existing domains.

Web Hosting

A home for your website, we provide every conceivable hosting solution and work with state-of-the-art industry partners around the world.

Web Design

Full agency style service without agency style prices – with experience in every type of website, your website will be safe in our hands.


Selling online is more than creating a website, you need Amazon, eBay, Affiliates and then you need to manage it all – we are here to help!

Web Maintenance

You made it – whose going to look after it, from adhoc changes to contract based plans, NComp@ss prides itself on great client service.

Web Marketing

The right budget spent the right way means maximising your result, we know money is tight – let’s make sure it’s spent honesty and wisely.

Search Engine Optimisation

There is no point investing hard work, time and money in a website unless you get eyeballs onto it – you need to pay heed to your Google ranking.


Elusive ROI’s plague Social Media, we have solutions that will ensure you are getting the best value from all your Social Media investment.


Strategy and Planning are vital for pro-active campaigns, too often we react to events, with NComp@ss you can be sure you are moving forwards.

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Some statistics of what we've done

With 17 years experience we’ve built a few website, had a few laugh and spent many sleepless nights hunting for the magic piece of code that will make everything work. And we’ve loved every minute of it – the challenges, the frustrations, the hacking and the workarounds.

Hopefully there is more to come…



What spins our world

Business Showcase

We’ve recently done some major work on a number of clients on their website speed and loading time – so what is the game plan here and why bother. In days gone by the idea was to reduce the things you had on your pages to keep files small and downloadable, as certain ‘netiquette’ read that it was […]

Setting up Google Analytics – Definitive
13th April, 2015

OK – we’ve been marketing websites for a while now and I though since we’ve just revamped all the Google Analytics Accounts we manage for clients I thought I’d put this out there.  I’ll try and not be lazy and include images. Introduction Google’s come a long way, but it’s very important to understand that […]

Web Consultancy – it’s quite wrong you know
23rd March, 2015

So we have clients doing an unbelievable number of different things on the Internet, the more I think about our strap line the more I think how complete apt it is for NComp@ss – Putting Business on the ‘Net.  Talk about the Internet of things. In my last post I wrote about our expanding services […]

Expansion Plans Afoot
26th February, 2015

We’re excited and getting more excited every day, the work continues to flow our way and we have you our clients to thank for that.  There’s a lot to do and the beginning of 2015 has seen us in a flying start to the New Year.  I suspect the only reason it still feels like […]

Google’s Rough Future
21st January, 2015

To all my clients be aware – this blog is aimed directly to you more than anyone else, so here’s some plain English tit bits for you. Google may be on the wane – for the first time ever it lost market share in the USA where it’s always been in the 70%ish region.  Bing […]

2015 – 5 Predictions of what we’re in for!
16th January, 2015

Happy New Year to all those we haven’t yet wished it on, I hope 2015 will be as good and fruitful as ever.  Here’s a quick if not belated round of up some of the things we might expect in the Website world. Social Media – for the last few year with the rise of […]

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We firmly believe that the world can be a better place though technology and the ability of the Internet to disrupt current marketplaces. We don’t like to see unemployment through post-industrial changes, yet we oppose all forms of over-charging and abuse from institutional market leaders that refuse to adapt to a better world.


Feedback from our clients

I can highly recommend Guy as a creative, easy going IT consultant and Web designer. I could not have a better company than NCompass to hire for my web page.
George Sanne / Coach on Career, Change & Culture
Guy and his team have thorough and comprehensive SEO knowledge. NCompass are always ready to offer extra expert advice, and as a new business we most certainly welcome and appreciate their efforts to assist us in growing our business.
Mirko Sose / Consultant & co-founder at Selective Travel Abroad
Guy's enthusiasm for making the internet and our website work for us is terrific. He now knows our business really well and so can advise us wisely, practically and cost effectively. He always has some new, leading edge idea to take us that bit further ahead of the competition and put us in front of the people we wish to connect with.
Patricia Wheatley Burt / Director, Trafalgar - The People Business


Some of business partners that we are proud to call friends