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What’s the Biggest Advantage of Google Ads
16th August, 2022

These are challenging times, the news isn’t so much full of doom and gloom, recession, inflation, and other bad news, we all seem to be bounding along as normal. but are we? I ask this question because I’ve had far higher than normal levels of interest in our Google Ads Services and I am pleased […]

Social Media or SEO?
18th July, 2022

What am I noticing, what am I noticing? It’s a tussle, I’ve been recommending being super active on Social media now for a while. Instagram has been the fashion for digital promotion for a year at least. Facebook might be dying a slow death as the younger fail to engage, but Social Media is still […]

Inflation Busted – I think a Warning
26th January, 2022

I think I just read that Ready Meals have remained approximately £7.50 for the last ten years. But if Ready Meals had gone up at the same rate as ordinary rice they would cost £26 today. The key to this statement is that the poorest pick up the largest chunk of the bill. This happens […]

More ways to Sell Online
11th January, 2022

We have to change, as the year draws to a close and the New 2022 starts, it’s time for a total reevaluation of how business is conducted online. We need more ways to sell online. I’ve just spent 3 months in the Caribbean where I didn’t meet a single ‘local’ that needed a website. Where […]

Discount Culture – Live We
9th December, 2021

I am not sure when it happened, but our Discount Culture is becoming more prevalent with every Christmas that passes. No joking… people seem more and more to only buy when things are at a Discount and then they don’t claim it. Yes – I wrote that – now let me back it up. Black […]

Work online – Work from Home
16th October, 2021

Work from Home? You know you want to do it… but how! that’s the big question – just how the heck do you make it work? You need to ask your boss, get the permissions, maybe take a pay cut, sort out internet, printer equipment, wife, family, pets all on top, no quiet space, can’t […]

Web Designer Statistics and Trends
12th October, 2021

I figured this month to pass on some statistics and trends about Web Designers and if you’re reading this I am hoping you will be one of our clients in which case you can see a bit more about where NCompass fits into the industry and the grand scheme of things. So here goes, these […]

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