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Lessons from America
15th January, 2016

Have I been wrong?  All this time? In the UK I strive to provide value for customers… the Internet has grown up around the concept that everything is Free or Cheap, easy to set up a child could do it, they do it.  You can build a Google out of a Garage, opportunities abound… but […]

Collaboration – what others can do for you
12th March, 2012

Reading my industry magazine .Net (yes I still read proper printer material), the power of collaboration and how essential this is to your website and offering. Every month there’s a showcase section where specific people are invited to recommend their most impressive websites on a given topic… These people have committed to this magazine to […]

Blackberry, IT and Tech Accountability
12th October, 2011

So Blackberry users have suffered a couple of days without service, I remember switching a client to Gmail and then the very next day Gmail suffered on of it’s worst outages ever.  Many [email protected] clients have themselves suffered outages from email and website hosting services. And I sympathise with all and everyone affected by any […]

Writing for your Clients
3rd April, 2011

I’ve been wondering why my Blog receives so little attention from my clients and from my industry.  I read other peoples Blogs and some of what they have to say ticks with me, but most is largely meaningless to me however well written it might be.  I also aim to attempt through my own efforts […]

The Demise of a Web Business
1st October, 2010

I’d like to start by expressing sadness at the demise of an excellent service, useful, relevant, innovative and provocative, Xmarks was a simple service that allowed you to synchronise bookmarks & passwords across your computers and browsers.  It was the only product of its kind. You can read about what went wrong and you can […]

More Blogging for Bear Grylls
30th March, 2007

We are getting this sorted out and my clients are starting to realise the interaction potential of Blogging. So this time it was the turn of Bear Grylls the renown modern day explorer. I have been managing the Bear Grylls website for around 2 and bit years and it has grown considerably as Bear’s own […]