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Have you missed the Facebook Boat?
11th July, 2014

I get a weekly report from Facebook about all the pages on Facebook that I manage, if you’re not sure what Facebook Pages are – they are the ‘company’ side of Facebook where you can follow the brands, artists, shops, topics, companies, organisations, charities or anything else… instead of befriending someone you can just ‘like’ […]

We are getting this right – aren’t we?
13th July, 2012

One shouldn’t expound on ones luck too much, it may turn against you, but we did want to point out a few things that we do seem to be getting right at the moment and those things are always nice to share. There’s a ton of news these days about politicians expenses, journalistic hacking and more […]

Get 2011 rolling with Pay-per-Click Advertising
9th January, 2011

I think we have established that there are 4 or 5 ‘big boys’ on the web today, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and one or two others. We can help you advertise on all of them. With [email protected] you can pick and mix, trial and error or just save time by letting us do the work […]