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Your Social Media Back Up Plan
11th January, 2013

Have you sorted yourself out this year yet?  Have you given thought about how you’re going to manage all this Social stuff?  Have you wondered what all the noise is about, signed up to Twitter and then thought ‘can’t be bothered’? It’s all a load of tosh, you know that and I know that.  Followers, […]

Collaboration – what others can do for you
12th March, 2012

Reading my industry magazine .Net (yes I still read proper printer material), the power of collaboration and how essential this is to your website and offering. Every month there’s a showcase section where specific people are invited to recommend their most impressive websites on a given topic… These people have committed to this magazine to […]

New – Web Marketing Reporting
18th May, 2011

Reporting on the effects and progress of your website remains a confusing and challenging problem for most people.  The truth is – reporting is largely ignored.  Emails are sent and then ignored and as a case in point, I simply ‘forgot’ to send March reports and NO-ONE has noticed. The case for reporting You need […]

Putting your Blog First
14th February, 2011

This month I’d like to concentrate on Blogging and making your Blog the centre of your marketing universe. First up – what Blogs are available? www.wordpress.com – probably to most favoured tool around today, and excellent CMS based tool that can be either hosted on-line by WordPress or installed on your server.  It can be your whole […]

Twitter Strategies – How to make it relevant
8th February, 2011

I have to take time out and write this down before I forget it all, it is becoming increasingly important and vital to form a Twitter Strategy so that you can and might even stand a chance to ‘make-something-out-of-it’, I warn you now, this will be a ramble.  I recently ventured to ask can we […]

The Big Players – Internet Wars
16th November, 2010

This month I thought I’d give you an outline of who the big players are at the moment competing in the internet wars, the battle lines have been drawn and to a large extent are being redrawn all the time, but here’s an outline for you: Microsoft – they still retain by far the largest […]

Business Showcase
Twitter Policies and Ideas
19th April, 2010

This month I thought a little recommended reading for your use of Twitter – just to show that there is a lighter side to this. I’ll go through things section by section: Signing up Should you use your name or your company name, or a name within your organisation.  Honesty will answer this question – […]