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Have you missed the Facebook Boat?
11th July, 2014

I get a weekly report from Facebook about all the pages on Facebook that I manage, if you’re not sure what Facebook Pages are – they are the ‘company’ side of Facebook where you can follow the brands, artists, shops, topics, companies, organisations, charities or anything else… instead of befriending someone you can just ‘like’ […]

Some Interesting Scams
17th May, 2013

Facebook – we know it’s big and we know there’s money involved… but what are the common scams that happen on Facebook, apart from the potential obvious of someone stealing your password. Facebook Scams are more common than we think: Scam 1 – Like FarmingThis image has been seen all over Facebook accompanied with the […]

We are getting this right – aren’t we?
13th July, 2012

One shouldn’t expound on ones luck too much, it may turn against you, but we did want to point out a few things that we do seem to be getting right at the moment and those things are always nice to share. There’s a ton of news these days about politicians expenses, journalistic hacking and more […]

New – Web Marketing Reporting
18th May, 2011

Reporting on the effects and progress of your website remains a confusing and challenging problem for most people.  The truth is – reporting is largely ignored.  Emails are sent and then ignored and as a case in point, I simply ‘forgot’ to send March reports and NO-ONE has noticed. The case for reporting You need […]

Installing Facebook Comments on Blogger
6th March, 2011

First things first, I’m only about 95% there so far… working this out as I go along.  The key difference between this ‘new’ Commenting system and the old is that if you get this right, you should be able to comment either as your self or as a page you administer.  (To the less techie […]

Stay in Touch this Christmas
16th December, 2010

I didn’t really like my last posting too whingy about things I cannot control.  This post should be much more fun.  How to stay in touch over the Xmas holidays. I better state – I am on holiday – let’s not quibble over that, in the last weeks I have launched www.table-place.co.uk, www.jillbarnesdacey.com, www.silvermagpie.co.uk and […]

The Big Players – Internet Wars
16th November, 2010

This month I thought I’d give you an outline of who the big players are at the moment competing in the internet wars, the battle lines have been drawn and to a large extent are being redrawn all the time, but here’s an outline for you: Microsoft – they still retain by far the largest […]