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NCompass Marketing Plans take hold
13th February, 2017

For a long time we’ve know there are key aspects to running a website that are needed for SEO, roughly this is a key list: Fresh Content Google’s desire for new content is insatiably, Blogs, News, Articles – sharing our customers skills and knowledge of their products and services is at the very heart of […]

Results Based SEO – Subscribe here!
20th December, 2016

Who do you know that offers a results based SEO solution… it’s madness, highly risky and yet for a Website Owner it should be completely essential… with the right formula and the right SEO fit your website should be growing month in month out, year in year out.  Why then are so many SEO consultants […]

What’s next for Search Engine Optimisation?
17th July, 2016

Now that’s a question! I am often asked about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the other day I even had to give an internal company talk on it to one of our clients.  But it really got me thinking what is next for SEO? The three rules are: Fresh Content – you need to keep adding […]

SEO Tools for 2015
21st September, 2015

Following an invite from Jon over at RavenTools we sent two of our SEO guys to BrightonSEO, a conference for search marketing experts, with great results, enjoyable, professional and extremely informative, here is a round up of some of the SEO Tools for 2015 that are worth watching out for. Buzzsumo – http://buzzsumo.com/ Shows all […]

What’s a Sitemap?
16th December, 2013

It’s not to difficult a question, but a Sitemap is a document that can be submitted to search engines like Google and Bing, effectively informing them of every single page on your website. However these Sitemaps are not automatically added to your website – they have to be created, either dynamically or manually.  To see […]

No More Ranking for SEO
8th January, 2013

It’s happened and good riddance, one of SEO’s most false statistics is being binned, slowly and gradually the Search Engine Optimisation world is moving forward. It’s an inherent problem that humans deal with, as soon as something looks good – The Internet – we look for ways to control it, and controlling it equals holding it back.  Luckily […]

SEO for 2013 – From Rankings to Revenue
17th December, 2012

Our SEO services here at NCompass have picked up remarkably over the last year… if I were to say that about 30% of our revenue was for SEO I would not be far off (though I haven’t actually worked it out). But big changes are due very very soon.  It all follows Google Adwords and […]