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It’s nearly Brexit
7th June, 2016

It’s nearly Brexit Time, we here at NCompass have had our fair share of debates and coffee breaks over Brexit, we’re also fortunate enough to share offices with quite a few other businesses and people, most of whom if not actually voting out, are seriously considering it. A recently added Client declared he’s asking everyone he […]

The Internet Globalization Effect
19th November, 2015

We’re travelling at the moment, that’s fine, we’re western, British and the world is our oyster, we can go where we like and more or less do what we like, a British passport holder can walk into more countries than any other nationality without any interference from anyone.  And when we get there we stay […]

2012 – Who will you be employing this year?
2nd January, 2012

And so we march into the New Year, I hope it will be a happy and prosperous one for everyone. No predictions from me, I’m afraid, but instead I have list of Jobs you should be employing someone for this year: Blogging – this is getting serious now, having a Blog is now defacto and essential to […]

Content is King – or is it?
23rd September, 2011

Have we all been diddled?  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that to be successful on line you need to be producing a mass of content, products, reviews, Blogs, tweets, you name it, everything helps.  You have to join the band wagon and play the Google Game – get recognised to sell your […]

Banks and their Greed
2nd May, 2010

When you subscribe to my blog you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get – could be technical help, and idea for a website or a political statement.  Sorry that is the way it is – I like to use my blog to talk about what’s going on in my brain and not to […]

eCommerce – It’s a VAT thing
19th January, 2010

We have been here before, but VAT has now gone back up to 20% and the question will be what difference will it make? Perhaps the most remarkable difference will be that is allows companies to re-evaluate their spending. Because Direct Debits and Standing Orders have to be adjusted the question will be, ‘Just what […]


Okay this is not a new film, and it even has an Addendun, but you got start asking questions. The film I watched is called Zeitgiest and the makers are sufficiently on the hoof as to make it 100% free. Get past the anti religion, anti bush, anti international bankers and even the pro american […]