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How we put a dynamic websites together
23rd May, 2017

In this age of dynamic websites and constantly changing websites we thought we’d give the briefest overview of how we actually put a website together. In days go by – we’d mock up some screenshots in Photoshop and show them to a client, usually a Homepage, Product Page and if the client was lucky an […]

Lessons from America
15th January, 2016

Have I been wrong?  All this time? In the UK I strive to provide value for customers… the Internet has grown up around the concept that everything is Free or Cheap, easy to set up a child could do it, they do it.  You can build a Google out of a Garage, opportunities abound… but […]

10 Biggest Brands in the UK
23rd January, 2012

There is something daunting about working in the Web Design industry.  That well know brand the Daily Telegraph announced the UK’s 10 top brands. 10) Microsoft 9) Facebook 6) Twitter 4) Amazon 3) Google 1) Apple Others in the list include Marks & Spencers, The Co-Op, John Lewis and oddly Innocent Drinks… However there’s a […]

Your Telephone Number
8th December, 2011

I’m worried – on a recent UK trip I only took my phone with me, I used it to look up everything I needed, from train times to clients telephone numbers.  I looked up plenty of websites on my mobile. I was staggered at how many websites incorrectly displayed their telephone number.  My phone as […]

The New Cookie Law
9th June, 2011

I think in reality this video explains is all rather well. From an [email protected] point of view – I can test your website in a few minutes, just let me know. However to solve the issue if you want to comply I am going to need to quote a fee to do it. 90% of […]

New – Web Marketing Reporting
18th May, 2011

Reporting on the effects and progress of your website remains a confusing and challenging problem for most people.  The truth is – reporting is largely ignored.  Emails are sent and then ignored and as a case in point, I simply ‘forgot’ to send March reports and NO-ONE has noticed. The case for reporting You need […]