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It’s nearly Brexit
7th June, 2016

It’s nearly Brexit Time, we here at NCompass have had our fair share of debates and coffee breaks over Brexit, we’re also fortunate enough to share offices with quite a few other businesses and people, most of whom if not actually voting out, are seriously considering it. A recently added Client declared he’s asking everyone he […]

Electorial Reform – or just vote rigging
4th May, 2010

There’s been a lot of talk about reforming the constitution, House of Commons, House of Lords, voting system and MP’s expenses and general fixing our broken political system. According to websites like www.323.me.uk, we have the largest number of MP’s of any parliament anywhere in the world except for China. Even in the United States […]

A Political Dream – MP’s Expenses Scandal
26th June, 2009

I want a floating duck house I want to clear my moat I need to mend my tennis court That’s why I need your vote. I have to build a portico My swimming pool needs mending My lovely plants need horse manure And the Aga needs much tending A chandelier is vital Mock Tudor boards […]