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Viral Marketing our first effort
27th October, 2014

Have you shared, liked, clicked or laughed at some 90 second funny video.  Of course you have, humans are emotive creatures and we love a laugh and a bit of sentimentality. Well now we’re having a a go at that very same thing.  This is the first in series of what we hope will be […]

What can you do with a Big Budget Website
16th March, 2010

I thought this month I’d try and enlighten you with some ideas if you had the money. The Internet has grown so substantially that spending some serious money on a big budget Website is not unrealistic; it can also be extremely beneficial. The key however is in the planning and in the knowing what you […]

Video on your Website
18th September, 2007

This is now a reality and a good idea, getting video on your website makes a difference and can be a great way to make an impression. Some examples, taken from our client: Skyschooluk.com See before you buy and so you really feel immersed into the experience. All these videos are hosted on the You […]