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Bear Grylls – Mission Successful
22nd May, 2007

First my congratulations go out to Bear and Gilo for making the attempt and succeeding to fly over Mount Everest, a truly magnificent achievement and I have to say since this event interest in the Bear Grylls website has gone through the roof. The Blog was put into place at just the right time. Channel […]

Ataxia & Justgiving
3rd May, 2007

Another wonderful use of technology, here I am combining quite a few of my lists, services and other stuff. Where shall I start. Page I am trying to promote: http://www.justgiving.com/ollyandleni Reason, a niece and 2 nephews are diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia. This is a very debilitating disease, but I won’t go into much detail right […]

ZooKoda – for Corporate Blogs
1st May, 2007

Breath taking service this one, I read about it a month or so ago in .Net magazine, but have only just had the chance to try it out. Basically the issue at stake is; what is a better way to keep customers informed about your news, views and updates, Newsletters or a Blog? Many clients […]

Am I becoming a lazy web developer
27th April, 2007

I hope not, I think not… I haven’t written anything for a while, because I have been going back to basics. I have spent the first 3 months of this year getting very excited about Blogs, Web 2.0 and search engines, the reason being because I am a strong believer in using existing technology for […]

Business Showcase
Death of the Corporate Promo Site
16th April, 2007

That sounds more like the death of website designers and in a way it is. Long live Internet Consultants. So what is the story here, well companies have been battling the problem of spending large fortunes on websites and then having no visitors… Often companies like Nike, MacDonald, HSBC and other high profile brands have […]

New Canon Camera Adventures
5th April, 2007

Just made it to Paris and have had a bit of an adventure with our Camera, my daughter in an effort to change the batteries undid all the screws on the camera and suitably lost them. A number of weeks passed. Then out on our new boat I went to take some photos and the […]

More Blogging for Bear Grylls
30th March, 2007

We are getting this sorted out and my clients are starting to realise the interaction potential of Blogging. So this time it was the turn of Bear Grylls the renown modern day explorer. I have been managing the Bear Grylls website for around 2 and bit years and it has grown considerably as Bear’s own […]