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More Blogging for Bear Grylls
30th March, 2007

We are getting this sorted out and my clients are starting to realise the interaction potential of Blogging. So this time it was the turn of Bear Grylls the renown modern day explorer. I have been managing the Bear Grylls website for around 2 and bit years and it has grown considerably as Bear’s own […]

CSS Centre Boxes
21st March, 2007

Yes I do it as well… Good old CSS, I love it and hate it at the same time… I have been making about 1 new website every three weeks recently and while that is fine. I have been trying to get a CSS centre boxes to work successfully and today I did. To the […]

High Society, Blogs & Facebook
19th March, 2007

I cannot resist writing a little about what I am doing for High Society, it only takes a minute to do, but I am keen to eck out as much leverage as possible from all this. High Society provide staff for any kind of event from corporate launch to private wedding, they provide the waiters […]

Time, Time, Time…
19th March, 2007

I cannot believe I am already saying this, but there you go. I really do intend to practice what I preach and for me that means getting as much leaway as I can out of this Blog. Issue 1, then how do I update this Blog when I have little or no news. Answer write […]

Business Showcase
Trip to the UK
11th March, 2007

Okay I have been away and when I go away from San Felice, I get behind on all sorts of things. People I saw were ESG-Concept they have some great software for marketing agencies and are also very open minded about concepts and idea on marketing on the web etc… so that was a nice […]

Getting A Bit Long
4th March, 2007

These posts get a bit long if you are not careful… let see if a few links makes a difference to my Search Engine ratings. Probably not. My website http://www.ncompass.co.uk. My clients can be found here and my services are listed here. Okay I am overwhelmingly aware that my website needs a major revamp and […]

Picasa Web
2nd March, 2007

I thought I’d look into something different tonight, I use Picasa (www.picasa.com) now part of Google as it is unbelievably quick when it comes to uploading photos for sharing on the web, I also like the ability to choose various digital printing services, and so on. I must look into whether or not this is […]